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How Japanese Companies are Responding to Trump’s Immigration Ban



BY hiroko

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Difference in Degree of Interest

After the shocking to issued a temporary ban on the entry of Syrian, Sudanese, Somali, Iraqi, Yemeni, Iranian and Libyan nationals, a number of global companies have been responding to Trump’s immigration ban.

Adobe, Google, Facebook, Dropbox, Uber (even sparking #DeleteUber Campaign…) and other top tech companie’s executive level sharing their statement against Trump’s executions and some of them have issued a statement of support to refugees around the world.

Startbucks has also published a statement that committing to hire 10,000 refugees in next 5 years in the 75 countries where it operates stores, starting with the U.S. market.
Airbnb will provide a house to refugee on their listing houses.

More support details will come up from other companies in the US and other countries.

In Japan, sadly two national main airline companies have a “bar” to check there 7 countries nationals when they are leaving from Japan to US.  No one has been reported to ban yet…

Rakuten – giant E-commerce company’s CEO, Mr. Mikitani shared his sadness on Twitter and he promised supports for their Muslim workers and families. Following his twitter, he announced that Rakuten Group Viber provide a free international call from the US to countries banned.

It is a great movement and hoping a number of Japanese global companies will follow Rakuten but I also feel there is a gap for the level of people’s interest in this shocking news in Japan. I do not know if it because of Island thing? or it is not our matters? I just hope we can think how we can support refugees. Because it may be happened to us in the near future…




Hiroko Nakamura is a communicator and founder of mash-inc. She has been evolving various projects from corporate PR to project planning since Nov 2015.
She is now designing her life-work project "For Women By Women".